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zeke beardski in the headlines:

"Zeke does it again!!! Climbs K2 then snowboards the black pyramid bowl on his descent..." -US News World Reporting Agency

Squeezed in a custom designed neoprene seal outfit, Zeke Beardski swims with great white sharks in chum filled waters near Guadalupe Island, Baja CA..." -National News Anchor

"Southern France - Beardski base jumps Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world..." -NY Gazette Chronicle

"Caribbean - Wearing only his floral-print board shorts and sporting his iconic red beard, Zeke Beardski surfed what could be, the tallest wave ever recorded. The 131' swell caused by hurricane Ivan..." -International Morning News Herald

"You don't have a second chance at life. Live the adventure!" -Zeke Beardski